Bazaar of Isfahan

Bazaar of Isfahan

To orientate yourself in Isfahan and obtain a nice sightseeing tour in Isfahan, you are in the right place. In this article, two Isfahan highlights are introduced: Bazaar of Isfahan and Chaharbag Seminary.

The complex of Bazaar of Isfahan is a must-see and it extends from Imam or Naghsh-e Jahan Square to Sabzeh Meydan- the Friday Mosque, is the most important bazaar of Iran because of its architectural features and commercial state. This bazaar dates from the first centuries of Islamic period. In other periods; including Deylamite, Seljuk, and Ilkhani; it was quite prosperous and important.

Bazaar of Isfahan

The main part of this bazaar, however, belongs to the Safavid era, especially Shah Abbas I period. The historical complex of the bazaar of Isfahan consists of a portal and a vestibule, several major and minor rows (Rasteh) of shops, intersections, Seras (sets of shops), Timcheh, and Bazarcheh. There are several historical buildings such as schools, mosques, and baths in this bazaar. The main parts of bazaar are the Qeysariye portal and bazaar, bazaars of samovar makers, Metqal Frush-ha, Zargarha (gold-smiths), Tofangsazha (gun makers), Araban, Derakht Sokhteh, Nim Avar, Jarchibash, and chaharso bazar.

You wondering how to get to Bazaar of Isfahan? here is the map:

Isfahan Bazaar

Madrese-ye Chehar Bagh Sultani (a Seminary) — Isfahan

Isfahan sightseeing

To visit the seminary of Chehar Bagh, Sultani, or Madar-e Shah is to fulfill a good sightseeing tour in Isfahan. This seminary is one of the best and biggest remains of the Safavid era. It is located in the eastern side of Chehar Bagh Street. Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid, the last king of the Safavid dynasty, founded the building. Aga Karnal, the treasurer of the king, supervised this project. The construction began in 1116 All and was completed in 1118 A.H.

The decorations, however, lasted until 1126 AH. The present Abbasi Hotel and the bazaar adjacent to the seminary seem to be erected at the same time. These buildings have been founded by the mother of the king, that is why this seminary is called Madrese-ye Madar-e Shah (the seminary of the king’s mother). Madrese-ye Chehar Bagh is built in two floors and a rectangular, four-portico design. It is 95 by 90 meters and covers a ground of 8500 meter square. It consists of a portal, vestibule, courtyard, dome room, four porticos, minaret, prayer hall, teaching places, and rooms.The main facade of the building is in the western side facing Chehar Bagh Street. The lofty and beautiful portal of the seminary is in this part. There are 17 two-storey arches on the sides of this portal. They are decorated with tile works.

The arches of the second floor are small porticos that lead to the rooms. The main door of the building is a precious wooden one with two leaves. This door is made of two thick sheets of wood that is covered with silver gilt. The metal decorations of this door are among the best examples of gold working and toreutic art of the Safavid era. The most important part of the seminary is the southern portico with two minarets on the sides and its dome room. This portico is 16 meters high and 8 meters deep. The opening of the portico is 9.5 meters. The tiled minarets are 38 meters high.

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