Must-Visit Museums in Tehran

museums in Tehran

Accompany us in order to know the vast  beauty of Iran in greater details. If you have decided to travel to Iran and Tehran is one of your desired tourist destinations in Iran, and if you want to to see a lot in Tehran, specially from cultural point of view, read this article which presents the best museums in Tehran. Iran Last Minute holds the most special, the most various and the best Iran tour Packages. Find your favorite museum in Tehran. With the help of Iran Last Minute booking system in Iran, find best deals and book the best hotels in Iran with a very good discount.

Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum

For those who are fascinated by art, this museum will turn out to be the best among all the other museums in Tehran. Contemporary arts museum was constructed in 1977 by the efforts of Farah Diba in the vicinity of Laleh Park, North Kargar Street in a plot of land measuring 2,000 m2. It covers a series of west arts in the Asia Continent. It is a three-story building with 9 galleries, library and audio-visual department. The museum building is one of the valuable examples of the Iranian modern architecture which is a combination of modern and traditional architectures constructed by inspiring from the instructions of the Iranian desert zones. Beautiful and valuable statues of contemporary artists have changed the green space around the museum to a statue park. The contemporary arts museum is the center of important art activities in Iran in the field of visual arts. The museum’s gallery is also a suitable place for holding different art exhibitions.

museums in Tehran

Iran’s National Museum

Iran’s National Museum is the most famous among museums in Tehran. This museum is a collection of Iran historical and pre-historical works with an antiquity of more than 7000 years, more than 300 objects and a substructure of more than 20,000 m’. It is the largest Iranian archaeological and historical museum and is considered as the master museum in the Iranian museum keeping culture. Establishment of this museum aims at preservation and researching in the past works and their presentation, display and transfer to the next generations. Iranian national museum has four main complexes including pre-historical, historical, Lorestan, Islamic era and coin and seal. Construction of the museum began in 1935 by Mr. Haj Abbasgholi Memarbashi with Iranian architectural style including a gateway similar to the high terrace of Tagh-e-Kasra and red bricks based on the plan of a French architectural engineer. It was put into operation after 2 years. This museum is located on the national garden historical complex, Imam Khomeini Street. Click here for more information on this museum in Tehran.

museums in Tehran

Glass and Earthenware Museum in Tehran

Glass and earthenware museum was constructed in 1931 upon the order of Ahmad Ghavam and was used as his residence place and work office until 1951. Then, it was made available for some time to the embassy of Egypt and commerce bank. In 1980, it was opened with the cooperation of Iranian and Austrian engineers in order to prepare and change the building into a museum. The works displayed in this museum include valuable examples of the Iranian crystal, earthenware, Chinese and ceramic manufacturing art and industries. These works belong to different eras from thousands of years ago until the Qajar era.

Museums in Tehran

Tamashagah-e-Zaman Museum in Tehran

Time museum is the first clock museum in Iran which displays a part of man’s effort for manufacturing different time measurement tools. The building of the museum consists of two floors. In the first floor, the evolution process of different mechanical clocks from 17 to 20 centuries is displayed. In the second floor, normal and wrist watches in different types are displayed. These watches belong to famous historical and political characters. In the outside space of the museum, models of different primitive clocks such as sun, water, sand and water mechanical clocks are available and the visitors may become familiar with the shape and functioning method of ancient watches.

Museums in Tehran

National Arts Museum in Tehran

National Arts Museum is located in Kamalolmolk Street, Baharestan square. It was constructed in 1930 by efforts of the late, Mr. Hossein Taherzadeh Behzad, who was one of the artists, painters and designers of carpet and miniature Spring house of the gallery building is an B-angle building with royal seats constructed like those of Zandieh era and decorated with fine plaster works. It is the only relic remained from the works of Fathali Shah era which is currently located in the national arts museum.

Communications Museum in Tehran

Communications Museum is one of the oldest buildings constructed in 1932 and is a suitable place for those who are interested in visiting historical places. It consists of two floors with several halls and chambers inside which a collection of the activities of other countries concerning telecommunications and post development are gathered.

Carpet Museum in Tehran

If you are interested in Persian art, this will be the best among museums in Tehran. The Iranian carpet museum is located on the north part of Laleh Park in Tehran city. It was opened in 1977 and includes the most valuable examples of Iranian carpets from the 9th A H century up to the contemporary age. About 135 masterpieces of Iranian carpets are displayed in the hall of the ground floor. This museum also enjoys a library consisting of 3500 books in Persian, Arabic, French, English and German which are available to the artists and researchers.

Anthropology Museum- Sa’ad Abad Anthropology Museum in Tehran

This museum in Tehran is a complete series of the trend of culture and lifestyle of people. It is also a large mirror reflecting different evolution and developments in all aspects of man’s life including people’s living tools from different parts of Iran, statues in natural sizes and real tools of people in the past and present which indicates different traditions of different Iranian tribes and allows the visitors to become familiar with the lifestyle of them. Building architecture is modeled from the European architecture and especially Germans. The exterior decorations of the building are taken from the Iranian.

Museums in Tehran

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