Nomads Tour in Iran Plus 15 Day Tour in Iran

Nomad Tour Iran

Iran is a country with the highest variety of ethnic groups. If you go to Anthropological Museum of Goelstan palace in Tehran, which is among the best tourist attractions in Tehran, you will witness the colorful beauty of ethnic groups in Iran. There are Turkish people, Kurdish people, Baluch People, Iranian Arabs, Gilaks of the north and many others. However, the hand of modernity has reached Iran and you will not see what you see in Iranian anthropological museums. Nomads in Iran are among those ethnic groups whose old and primitive lifestyle and clothing still remains. As a tourist, if you want to keep away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy and crowded cites, nomads tour in Iran is a bridge to walk into purity, simplicity and utter solace.

Nomads Tour in Iran

What will you do in Nomads Tour in Iran

Our nomads tour in Iran is a part of a 15 days tour in Iran. Because our Iran nomads tour will be the best experience among all the other beautiful experience, we have dedicated the name of this 15-day Iran tour to nomads. In 2 days when you immerse your moments with nomads in Iran, you will bake bread with them, herd the cattle with nomads on the hills and plains and have exciting moments and fun, you will also weave Persian Carpet if it would be possible. The Iranian hospitality that everyone seeks is in the hearts and tents of these Persian nomads.

Nomads Tour in Iran

Iran nomads tour

15 Day Itinerary of Nomads Tour in Iran

Day 1: To reach Tehran

On the 1st day, you will reach Imam Khomeini International Airport, buy a sim card and exchange money with the help of your tour guide in Iran. Then, you will be transferred to a hotel in Tehran and stay there overnight.

Day 2: Tehran to Kashan, Kashan Day Tour

In the morning after having your breakfast, we will hit the road to the ancient city of Kashan. After 244 kilometers, we reach Kashan and visit tourist attractions in Kashan and stay there overnight. Kashan highlights we visit are:

  • Tabatabaeiha House,
  • Soltan mir Ahmad Bathroom,
  • Fin Garden,
  • Aqa Bozorg Mosque

Day 3: Abyanhe Village Tour, then to Isfahan

On the third day after breakfast, we drive to a 2500-year old Abyaneh village. It is mostly called small red village with lovely and kind villagers with their special style of clothing. After visiting such beautiful tourist destination in Iran, we will drive to Isfahan. While we are in Isfahan on this day, we visit Jameh Mosque of Isfahan which is among magnificent mosques in terms of architecture and art etched in every corner of it. One of the other Isfahan highlights we visit on this day is the remarkably beautiful Armenian Vank Church. We stay overnight in a hotel in Esfahan.

Day 4: Isfahan Day Tour

On the 4th day, we will have a full-day Isfahan city tour citing magnificent mosques, squares and palaces. Some of the top Isfahan highlights we will visit are:


  • Naghshe Jahan Square,
  • Emam Mosque,
  • Sheykh Lotfolah Mosque,
  • Ali Qapu Palace,
  • Qeysarieh Bazaar,
  • Chehel Sotun Palace,
  • Khaju Bridge,
  • Siosepol Bridge,

We stay overnight in a hotel in Isfahan.

Day 5: Isfahan to Nain, then to Yazd

After breakfast, we hit the road and drive for 300 km to reach the ancient city of Nain. There are some very old tourist attractions in Nain city to visit. Jameh Mosque of Nain is one of points of interest in Nain. Before we reach Yazd, we visit Pigeon tower and pottery and weaving workshop in Meybod. By the evening we reach Yazd and stay in a hotel in Yazd overnight.

Day 6: Yazd City Tour

Yazd is one of the oldest adobe cities in Iran where people still dwell. To walk in the winding alleys where mud houses have flanked them gives you a sense of a peaceful past. Some of the Yazd highlights we visit are:

  • Fire Template,
  • Dowlat Abad Garden,
  • Jameh Mosque,
  • Art gallery,
  • Amir Chakhmaq Complex,
  • Yazd Water museum,
  • Tower of Silence

We stay overnight in a hotel in Yazd.

Day 7: Yazd to Bavanat; Stay with Noamds

Bavanat lies in the heart of Zagrus mountains and cherish a stay with Iranian nomads. We camp overnight in pristine nature of nomads cherishing their simple lifestyle and traditions. We will have nomadic food and stay in a nomad tent overnight.

Day 8: Stay in Bavanat

We have our breakfast in the tent and set off to a light trek through mountains and springs. We trek to reach walnut forest. This forest lies in Green Valley with several other villages. In this nomads tour in Iran, we will pass thorough these villages and get familiar with their lifestyle and local customs. We will stay in Bazm village in a beautiful local house.

Day 9: Bavanat to Persepolis, then to Shiraz

In the morning after breakfast, we set out to Shiraz and en route before we reach Shiraz, we stop at Persepolis. We visit the remnants of the great ancient Persian empire. Then, we drive to Passargad and visit the tomb of Cyrus the great. After that we drive for 30 minutes to the ancient city of Necropolis. This is the burial place of great Persian kings. After that we drive to reach Shiraz and stay overnight in a hotel in Shiraz.

Day 10: Shiraz Day Tour

On the 10th day of our Iran nomads tour, we have a full day Shiraz City tour. Shiraz is famous as the city of poetry, authentic Persian gardens and wine. Such globally famous poets as Hafiz and Sadi were born in this magnificent city in Iran. Shiraz highlights we will visit are:


  • Nasir Almolk Shrine,
  • Narenjestan Ghavam,
  • Karimkhan Castle,
  • Vakil Mosque,
  • Vakil Bazar,
  • Eram Garden,
  • Hafez Tomb,
  • Shahcheragh Shrine,

We stay overnight in a hotel in Shiraz.

Day 11: Shiraz to Sepidan

On the 11th day of our Iran nnomads tour, we hit the road to Sepidan early in the morning. Sepidan lies 2300 meters high from sea level. Sepidan turns so cold in the winter, however, it is a summer resort for Iranian nomads. We will visit the beautiful Margol Waterfall. We stay in Sepidan overnight with nomads.

Day 12: Sepidan to Tehran

We wake up in nomads tent and trek through beautiful mountains of pristine nature. Then we drive back to Shiraz and get ready for a flight to Tehran.

Day 13: Tehran Day Tour

On the 13th day of our nomads tour in Iran, we return back to the hustle and bustle of the capital of Iran. There are beautiful touristic sites in Tehran to visit which are as follows:

  • Golestan Palace,
  • Grand Bazar,
  • Jewelry Museum,
  • Azadi Tower,
  • Nature bridge,

We stay overnight in a hotel in Tehran.

Day 14: Tehran City Tour

At 9:30 we leave our hotel in Tehran for a half day tour in Tehran. The highlight in Tehran we will visit are:

  • Sadatabad Palace,
  • Darband,
  • Carpet Museum,

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