5 nights, 6 Days Royal Persia Tour in Iran

Royal Persia Tour in Iran

Before starting your Royal Persia Tour in Iran, you can read some lines about Iran. Let us behold Iran – the most ancient homeland of the cultured Aryan people – called in the Avesta the most beautiful land created by Ahura Mazda and the chosen nation for civilization and art – a prosperous land with a ten thousand year old history – master of the mightiest empire of the ancient world – the cradle of civilisation according to the Khodaynameh – that gave birth to brave men and nurtured fine arts and whose peoples have always innovated various arts and crafts. Her antiquities, pottery, tools, paintings and epigraphs are all testimony to our proud ancestors’ efforts to develop this ancient land – wise Iranians whose deep ethnic, cultural and linguistic bonds were never broken by the wars and plots of their enemies. Thus, it has been said that the Iranians are without doubt the world’s first teachers and whatever other nations have achieved, they learnt from the Iranians.

Let us behold the heritage of the land of Iran – prehistoric rock paintings; Achaemenid period cups and gold circlets that were the symbols of the might and majesty of that Iranian dynasty; Parthian period pottery and glass vessels; bas-reliefs of the Sassanid kings hunting; painted pottery and glassware of the Islamic era dynasties; hand-woven cloths of the Buyid period; masterly Seljuk period brickwork; golden glazed tiles of the Ilkhanid and Timurid periods; carpets, book illuminations and poly chrome faience domes of the Safavid period; shining jewelry of the Qajar period and many others have become immortal ornaments that beautify this land.Let us behold the nature of Iran: the long chains of mountains like Alborz and Zagros; the proud Mount Damavand; the stable Mount Sahand: the lofty Mount Alvand; the fritillary tulip meadows; the Caspian Sea beside the dense forests of the north; the mighty River Kam that flows from the Bakhtiari mountains down to the Arvandrud: the undying Zayandeh Rud river; the strange and mysterious sky views of the Lut desert at the heart of this land; the valuable turquoise mines of Neyshabur; the Persian Gulf and the sea of Oman. These are the united members of this land that bring beauty to it face in the four seasons.

Let us behold the architecture of Iran – noble and unique and a testimony to the lifestyle of the Iranians as visible in the upright columns of Persepolis; the glazed tile work of the tall minaret of the Jame’ Mosque of Yazd; the baked clay stele of Cyrus the Great that talks about human rights and the peaceful co-existence of humans and respect for the beliefs and ideas of all mankind; or the unpretentious inscriptions of the Mausoleum at Soltanieh with verses from the Koran. We talk about the land that is the setting of the long and proud history and legends that have reached us through the epic poetry of that venerable bard of the Persian language – Ferdowsi; the birthplace of great poets and thinkers like Omar Khayyam, Rudaki, Hafez, Rumi, Avicenna. Zacharias Rhazes, Dehkhoda, Khaje Nassir ed-Din Tusi, Attar and many more whose resting place too is this sacred soil and who have become a source of pride for their motherland. Let us behold the Iran that withstood the deadly blows of Mongol and Tatar invasions without permanent injuries to its spirit. On the contrary, every misadventure that Iran experienced augmented the wealth and value of its history and the creativity of its culture. It is essential for us to value and cherish this age old heritage that is as old as humanity itself.

Welcome to the gorgeous land of Iran, to the country where all seasons exist in every month of the year. This is an ancient country with numerous tales in numerous marvelous places. 5 days is not enough to carve unforgettable experience of your trip to Iran, yet with our professional team you can have a lovely experience enough to entice you for more future plans to this country. In this tour, we will be visiting Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Abyaneh village and Kashan. Such short Royal Persia Tour in Iran is for those who have a small vacation and want to save their time and visit enough top tourist attractions in Iran.

Royal Persia Tour in Iran

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Day 1: Tehran, the Start of Royal Persia Tour in Iran

By reaching the International Imam Khomeini Airport, our guide will welcome you and help you to reach the specified hotel in Tehran where you will stay overnight. From the next day, you will start your wondrous Royal Persia Tour in Iran.

Day 2 of  Royal Persia Tour in Iran:

On the second day of your Royal Persia Tour in Iran, we will have a full day Tehran city tour. We will visit Golestan palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Jewelry Museum, Azadi Tower, Nature Bridge. After we are done with visiting such nice points of interest in Tehran, we will go to the domestic airport for a flight to Shiraz.

Day 3: Full day Shiraz City Tour

Shiraz is the land of universally famous poets such as Hafiz and Sadi. This city is the land of wine and literature, the city of flowers and the apex of Persian culture. Shiraz highlights we will visit are:

  • Nasir Almolk Shrine,
  • Narenjestan Ghavam,
  • Karimkhan Castle,
  • Vakil Mosque,
  • Vakil Bazar,
  • Eram Garden,
  • Hafez Tomb,
  • Shahcheragh Shrine

Day 4: Shiraz to Persepolis, then to Isfahan

On the 4th day of your 5 Day Royal Persia Tour in Iran, we are bound to Persepolis which is the most important tourist attraction in Iran. Persepolis, which is undeniably one of the main points of interest in Iran, used to be the offcial capital of the Acheamenid emperors with what is left of the palaces of Darius the Great. After that, we drive to Necropolis which means the city of the dead where the tombs of many Persian kings lie.

Day 5: Isfahan

On the 5th day of our Royal Persia Tour in Iran we will visit Isfahan. Visiting Naqshe Jahan square, which literally means the portrait of the world, will amaze your eyes. In Esfahan, which is considered to be first among top tourist destinations in Iran, we will visit gorgeous palaces, mosques with tile works, wooden columns, and renowned historical bridges such as Sio Se Pol and Khaju Bridge.

Day 6: Isfahan to Abyaneh, then to Kashan

After we have our breakfast, we drive from Isfahan to Abyaneh village. This touristic village near Kashan is so gorgeous where people have still preserved there 2500-year old culture. After visiting this lovely village, we are bound to Kashan. This city is a historical city with amazing points of interest. Tourist attractions in Kashan we will visit are as follows:

  • Abyaneh Village,
  • Tabatabaeiha House,
  • Soltan mir Ahmad Bathroom,
  • Fin Garden,
  • Aqa Bozorg Mosque

Royal Persia Tour in Iran


Royal Persia Tour in Iran

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