Nazar Garden, Eram Garden: Top Attractions in Shiraz

Eram Garden: Top Attractions in Shiraz

We welcome you to the beauty-brimmed city in Iran. Welcome to Shiraz. If you are after top attractions in Shiraz, don’t miss these two gardens that we have introduced in this article. Iran Last Minute Booking System and Tour Operator in Iran attempts to present best Iran tours with best tour guides in Iran.

Pavilion Edifice — Bagh-e Nazar or  Nazar Garden: Top Attractions in Shiraz

Karimkhan-e Zand erected many buildings in Shiraz during his reign from 1179 to 1193. Many of top attractions in Shiraz owe their existence to him. Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, Arg-e Karimkhani Citadel, Bagh-e Jahannama(cosmorama) Garden, Bagh-e Edalatkhaneh ( justice) Garden, and Bagh-e Nazar. Bagh-e Nazar; also known as Mozeh (museum) Garden, Hokomati (governmental) Garden, Kolhfarangi (pavilion) Edifice, Bagh-e Shahzadeh (prince’s garden), and Maqbare-ye Karimkhani (Karimkhani Mausoleum); sits in the center of Shiraz opposite to the citadel of Arg-e Karimkhani. The edifice of this garden that is called Kolahfarangi was constructed by the order of Karimkhan Zand to be used for receiving foreign ambassadors, and for levees held in traditional celebrations. The interior design of this building is octagonal. Four sides are 10 meters and the other sides are five meters long. There are four alcoves on the corners of this building.

Top attractions in Shiraz

Nazar Garden in Shiraz

Bagh-e Eram (Eram Garden)

one of the must-see attractions in Shiraz is Bagh-e Eram, whose beautiful edifice and portal belongs to the Qajar era. It is one the most beautiful and the most famous garden of Shiraz. This garden has been used in the Seljuk period. It has been prosperous in the Al-e Injo era. After the decline of the Al-e Injo kingdom, it was occupied by Al-e Mozaffar dynasty. This garden was quite prosperous in the reign of King Mansur, the last king of Al-e Mozaffar dynasty. It was reconstructed in the Zand period by the order of Karimkhan. Hassan Ali Khan-e Nasir-ol Mulk erected the present building during the Nasereddin Shah’s reign.

top attractions in Shiraz

Eram Garden shiraz

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